What We Stock

What We Stock


Citrus, Fruit, Bare Root, Ornamental, Evergreen, Deciduous, Conifers, and Street Trees.


We stock ornamental shrubs suitable for sun or shade and most growing conditions.


Cactus & Succulents, California, Australian and African natives.

Grass Seed & Sod

We sell grass seed from Stover Seed, Pennington Seed, and Southland Sod Farms. We no longer stock sod but it can be ordered directly from the grower, Southland Sod Farms, at www.Sod.com.


Herbs, Flowers, and Vegetables. Non-GMO, Heirloom Varieties.

Vegetables & Herbs

Organic and traditionally-grown seasonal vegetables and herbs.

Ornamental Grasses

Annuals & Perennials

Large seasonal selection of annual and perennials in 6-pack, 4-inch and gallon containers.


Tropical plants and vines including Bougainvillea, Hibiscus and Gardenias.

Water Plants

Seasonal selection of water plants both potted and floating. Marginals.

Bromeliads & Tillandsias

Indoor and outdoor.

Staghorn Ferns

Large selection along with remounting services and supplies.


Finished Bonsai plants, Bonsai starter plants, pots, tools and supplies.

Miniature Garden

Containers and décor.


Large selection of houseplants from 4-inch to specimen.

Pest & Disease Controls | Fertilizers

Pest & Disease Controls | Fertilizers

Pest, Disease & Weed Controls

Traditional to organic pest controls.


Organic and traditional fertilizers, liquid and dry for all your garden needs.

Planting Supplies & Tools

Planting Supplies & Tools

Pots, Container, Planters & Beds

From nursery containers to terracotta and ceramic, pots and planters, redwood planters and decorative plastic.

Soil Amendments, Mulch & Bark

From single use bags to 3 cu. ft. bags.

Tools & Supplies

Long and short handled tools including pruners and saws. Pruner and loper sharpening service available.

Irrigation & Hoses

Full line of DIG Irrigation products. Garden hoses and accessories.


Labels, tape, stakes, trellises, garden art and décor. Hats & gloves.

Seasonal & Specialty

Seasonal & Specialty


Bare root roses available in January and February. Blooming container roses available March through June.

Bare Root Fruit Trees

Arrive in January. Available January through February.

Christmas & Holiday

Poinsettias, wreaths, garland, cut & living Christmas trees. Holiday décor. Fire retardant and flocking services available. Christmas tree delivery available.


Seasonal selection of spring and fall bulbs.