January 2022 Newsletter Is Here!

In this issue we have New Roses for 2022, Bare Root Fruit Trees & Roses, Agave & Mezcal, Avocados, a Rare Tree in San Diego, Recipe for all those Potatoes, Winter Bird Feeding, Garden Classes & more! January 2022 Newsletter pdf

Our 2022 Rose List

Our 2022 Rose List is now available for download. Choose from a wide selection and find some new roses that will be in store in 2022! 2022 Rose List PDF

November Newsletter Is Here!

Who is ready for November? We have lots of fall information for you in the November newsletter. Follow this link to see it: NewsNov21_F1.pdf (

2022 Fruit Tree List Is Here!

Download the 2022 WAN Fruit Tree List PDF! The list contains all the bareroot trees that both stores have ordered. Bareroot is scheduled to arrive in December. 2022 Fruit Tree List PDF

It’s the September Newsletter

This month we have a story about a Sasquatch sighting at our San Diego store. It’s time to think about your fall garden so we have 10 vegetables to plant now. Other stories include Citrus Greening Disease in San Diego County, growing corn from Ken Andersen, fall bulbs by David Ross, Old Ben’s thoughts on birds, a special Camellia, and Jody Andersen wants to help you save your fresh herbs. September 2021 Newsletter pdf

Better Late Than Never!

It’s the August Newsletter, and look for the September issue coming next week!
August 2021 Newsletter PDF