New Hedge Fund$™ for 2013

$1.00 spent = 5 points received

$100.00 dollars spent = 500 points received
500 points = $5 in HedgeFund$(HF$) earned

$100.00 → 500 points → HF$5

$200.00 dollars spent = 1,000 points received
1,000 points = $10 in HedgeFund$(HF$) earned

$200.00 → 1,000points → HF$10


  • Customer Lookup will show the Customer Loyalty Point Balance.
  • HedgeFund$ Certificates (HF$ Certificates) are issued in increments of HF$5, HF$10, and HF$20.
  • HF$ Certificates expire 45 days after they are issued.
  • HF$ Certificates display the dollar amount, the expiration date and the HF$ Certificate number.
  • Hedge Fund$™ certificates are like cash and cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.
  • HF$ Certificate will print automatically when a customer’s point balance goes over 500 points, if a customer has 700 points, 500 points will be used to issue a HF$ Certificate and the remaining 200 points remain as loyalty points.
  • Points never expire certificates do.
  • HF$ Certificates cannot be used towards the purchase of Gift Cards, Sod or for Payment on Account.
  • No Cash Refund on HF$ Certificates.
  • Partial redemptions are allowed, but the customer receives no change if they do not use the full HF$ Certificate amount. The HF$ Certificate is “use it or lose it” in regards to the balance of the certificate.
  • HF$ Certificates must be turned in to the Cashier when used for payment.
  • Maximum amount of points earned per ticket is 10,000. Any sales amount over $2,000.00 does not earn points.
  • Points may be earned on tickets where HF$ Certificates have been redeemed. Dollar amount used to calculate point earnings is net of the amount of the HF$ Certificate redemption.

$59.80 subtotal of sale, HF$Certificate 20.00 used as tender = 39.80 new subtotal x 5(points per dollar) =199 points earned for this purchase.


  • If a customer returns items that were purchased (fully or partially) with HF$, a store credit will be issued to the customer for the amount of the return. No cash refunds will be made for these returns.
  • Points are reduced when a customer returns items.
  • If goods are returned that cause the customers point balance to go below -500 points, CounterPoint will automatically search for outstanding HF$ Certificates to cancel.
  • If a HF$ Certificate was issued after a purchase and the goods were subsequently returned, the points balance will be reduced based on the dollar amount of the Return and if the return was over 500 points the HF$ Certificate will be Cancelled.
  • When a HF$ Certificate is cancelled due to a return the total points value of the HF$ Certificate will automatically be added back to the customer balance.
Activity Points Activity Points Balance
Customer spends $100.00 +500 points 500
HF$5 automatically issued (#1048) -500 points 0
Customer returns $100.00 -500 points -500
HF$5 (#1048) automatically cancelled +500 points 0

If you have any questions about the program please see a manager and enjoy your Hedge Fund$™ Savings!