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Red Mulch Film

A nifty product that promises to increase tomato yield up to 20% (better than black film), it looks like a piece of red vinyl.

This perforated material is placed under crops that fruit above ground (like strawberries, melons, red peppers and tomatoes. The material retains moisture, controls weeds and warms the soil. Better Reds works to enhance the quality of the fruit by reflecting red light back to the plant. The perforations allow water and air to reach the plants.


Gro-Power Plus

The best way to feed your yard is to start from the ground up by addressing the soil pH and using fertilizer properly.

Soil pH is the acid /alkaline content of your soil. A 7 on the PH scale is considered “neutral”. The bigger the number, the more alkaline, the smaller the number, the more acid. Alkalinity is very inhabiting to plants ability to intake nutrients. San Diego County, for the most part, is very alkaline. The water we use for irrigation is salty and alkaline. Also, all of the chemical fertilizers, you may or may not be using, will leave some amount of salt behind. So if your plants, live in, eat, and drink alkalinity you can’t do much growing and/or thriving! How can you start to fix the problem? First add more humus (plant matter).

Now we need to look at the other part, fertilizer. Let’s first look at those three numbers. The macronutrients, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. The first number is Nitrogen which helps plants grow UP, and keep them green. The second is Phosphorus which makes the roots grow DOWN and charges them with “Flower Power”. And don’t forget Potassium K, which works on the plants all around health. Let’s not forget the micronutrients, or trace elements. Our fertilizer of choice is “Gro-Power”. It is made from humus and it has humic acid. Humic acid balances the pH, chelates the trace elements, superphys the nitrogen and helps keep moisture in the soil. Gro-Power works on all the plants in your yard.