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Rodent Control

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Rodent Control

If rodents are getting the better of you, here’s a product that will turn the tables. Our employees are having much success using the Rat Zapper 2000, available in both stores.

It uses 4 AA alkaline batteries and is set by placing a small amount of dry pet food (or similar dry attractant) at the rear of the trap. Turning on the unit, the red light will first blink then stay on. This tells you that the trap is set and ready for action.

Place the trap along walls where you have rodent activity. Once the rodent enters the Rat Zapper, the trap senses the presence of the animal and gives it a lethal electric jolt.

Your trap’s red light will now blink, an alert that lets you know you have a dead rodent in the trap.

Empty the trap by turning it upside down allowing the dead rat or mouse to slide out.

The Rat Zapper is safer around children and pets than large snap traps and rat poisons. Use indoors wherever you have rat or mouse problems.