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Crabgrass Preventer

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Crabgrass Preventer

by Green Light

A little extra work in winter will save a lot of weeding in the spring and summer.

You can stop crabgrass before it starts even after germination in early stages of growth. It can be applied up to four weeks later than other crabgrass preventers. For use on both cool and warm season turf grasses. Use during the cool months of January and February (unless unseasonably warm). Once the product is activated with rainfall or irrigation, a barrier is formed in the weed seed germination zone that keeps working for up to four months. Controls over 75 grassy and broadleaf weeds including sandbur, dallisgrass, black medic, spurge, purslane, ryegrass and many others. 10 lb. bag treats 5600 sq. ft.

If you miss the window for application of the pre emergent weed control, don’t worry. You can take care of weeds after they germinate by using Bayer All in One Weed Control to kill both Crabgrass and other lawn weeds. If just crab grass is your problem use Weed B Gon for Crabgrass from Ortho. Take care when applying the Bayer All in One Weed Control around other ornamentals because it can damage them.