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Summer Garden Tips

  1. Check your sprinklers! With warm weather on the horizon it is important to make sure that all of the sprinkler heads are clean and adjusted properly. This will insure the most efficient use of water and reduce drought stress on your plants.
  2. Clean things up! Just picking up fallen leaves, cutting back dead or unhealthy plants, patching brown spots in your lawn and trimming errant branches from trees and shrubs can make a big difference in how your garden looks.
  3. Mulch it! A fresh layer of bark or mulch will cover dirt, increase water retention, improve the soil and generally give your yard a finished look.
  4. Feed it! As the weather warms through the spring many plants will begin to grow and flower. Make sure they have all the nutrients they need with regular fertilizing. Gro Power fertilizers not only feed the plants they improve the soil with rich Humic Acid.
  5. Change your seasonal color! Hot weather requires different bedding plants. Take out cool season plants like Pansies, Stocks, and Snap Dragons and plant heat loving plants like Petunias, and Marigolds.
  6. Watch for bugs! Keep a close eye on your plants to watch for insect damage. The sooner you catch them the easier they will be to control. Catching insect infestations early also reduces the amount of pesticide you will need to control them.
  7. Keep your roses clean! Periodically spray down your roses with a jet of water. This will dislodge insects such as aphids and help reduce the likelihood of fungus spores taking hold. For added help in keeping your roses looking good use Bayer All in One Rose Care every six weeks to keep insects and diseases at bay while giving them a shot of fertilizer!
  8. Plant your vegetables! The selection of vegetables for the warmer season is never better than right now. You can find all kinds of things to choose from! Tomatoes are by far the most popular and are easily grown in a 15 gallon container on a patio or in a garden. Stake them as they grow and don’t forget to add Gypsum to the soil to reduce blossom end rot.
  9. Get some wildlife in your garden! Birds are by far the easiest and least harmful wildlife to attract to your garden. There are a large number of bird feeders available and it is amazing how quickly birds will find them once you put one in your yard! Hang seed type feeders in an area that is not directly over patios and walk ways. Also make sure the area under a seed type feeder is easy to clean and weed since birds aren’t the neatest of eaters! For a flash of color hang a Hummingbird feeder and watch these little jewels dart around your yard.
  10. Grab a chair and enjoy! Take the time to really appreciate your garden and the work that you put into it. Even the smallest patio garden can offer a welcome, serene break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Get outside and enjoy the sights, the fragrances, and sounds of your garden today!