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Spring Gardening Tips

  1. Watch for insects, especially aphids on tender, new growth. Control with pyrethrin spray
  2. Prevent insects and disease on your roses this year one of two ways. Either with Immunox Plus, or control without spraying with Bayer All In One for roses. This magnificent time saver controls insects and disease just by mixing with water and pouring around the base of your roses every six weeks, a real time saver!
  3. Feed roses monthly with Gro Power, or Gro Power Plus. One cup per plant, per month
  4. Plant Tomatoes, squash, beans, peppers, eggplant, corn and more now.
  5. Wait until June to plant heat-loving melons and pumpkins. If it is still too cool to plant, take this time to prepare your soil by amending with Dr Earth planting mix which is rich with organic matter, beneficial soil microbes, and worm castings. Also add some Gro Power Flower & Bloom, 3-12-12 and some Ada Perry’s to ensure a successful harvest. The Ada Perry’s is rich in calcium to help prevent Blossom End rot, and other minerals to help your veggies build healthy roots and stems.
  6. Feed citrus trees now to encourage the new growth and blooms and remember to water it in. If the soil is still wet from the rains, wait until the next rain, or until it needs to be watered. Don’t feed a drought stressed plant.
  7. Now is the beginning of the impatien planting season to brighten the shady areas of your garden. Look for the free blooming regular impatiens which will bloom until winter. Swirl impatiens are a newer picottee variety that are real standouts in the garden. If bigger is better, look for the New Guinea hybrid impatiens. Their larger blooms will impress all who see them!
  8. As the weather warms, also begin planting Alyssum, petunias, marigolds and zinnias in your sunny areas. Lobelia will do well until it gets real hot this summer.