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Popular Tomatoes

Name Growing Notes Description
Beefmaster indeterminate,
80 days to mature VFN
18 oz. Beefsteak type. Good flavor, fruit does not split
Better Boy Indeterminate, 70 days to mature VFN Very popular, large, firm 16 oz. fruit, excellent flavor
Big Boy Indeterminate 78 days to mature Vigorous plants, 16 oz. fruit
Big Girl Indeterminate, VF 78 days 12 oz. solid, deep red tomatoes
Celebrity Determinate,
VF disease resistant, 72 days
8 oz. bright red fruit, great flavor
Champion Indeterminate, VFNT 62 days to mature 10 oz. bred especially for sandwiches, high yields
Early Girl Indeterminate, V only 52 days to harvest 4 oz.-6oz. Fruiting throughout summer. Earliest slicing
Golden Boy indeterminate, 80 days to mature VFN 8 oz.-10 oz. fruit matures ‘gold’
Heartland Indeterminate, VFN 68 days to mature ideal for small space plantings
La Roma Determinate, VF, 62 days to mature 3 oz. -4 oz. pear shaped fruit. Heavy yielding, good canning.
Lemon Boy Indeterminate, VFN 72 days to mature Unique 7 oz. lemon-yelloe color, not ‘golden’ yellow
Red Cherry Indeterminate, 75 days Half dollar size fruit. Non-hybrid.
San Diego-Otay Determinate, 70 days Good flavor, great producing medium size fruit
Sweet 100 Indeterminate, 65 days Bears clusters of small, swee fruit on long branches, 100+ per plant