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Garden Railroad Statistics

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Train Layout Statistic Sheet

(Revised 3/16/05 to include the entire layout)

Layout Size:
4459 Square feet
Water Usage:
Approximately 7000 Gallons
(Four pumping stations using bio filters)
Tons of Rocks:
Approximately 60 tons
Parameter Blocks:
1266 (Base Block Size = 18″x12″x8″,
Cap Block Size = 18″x12″x4″)
Layout Extension Perimeter:
424 Linear Feet
Fill Dirt:
Approximately 600 cubic Yards
Total Track Length:
Approximately 1400 Feet (Longest Loop – Red Loop: 292 feet)
Track Type:
LGB and Aristo Craft
Type Switches:
Number of Switches used:
45 (Electric and Manual)
Minimum Radius:
5 foot in the layout extension and as small as R1 in older part of the layout.
Trestle Length:
118 Feet
Types of Bridges Used:
Suspension Bridge, King Post Trust, Queen Post Truss, Through Truss, Curved Through Truss, Curved Deck Girder, Chord Truss, Curved Chord Truss, Flat Top Truss, Curved Open through Truss, and Deck bridge.
Bridge/Trestle composition:
Metal, cured Redwood and Cedar
Wire used within the layout:
Approximately 7000 feet
Wire used inside
the control cabinet:
Approximately 400 feet
DC Power Supplies:
MFJ – 12V 45Amps (two connected in series) and Bridgewerks 24V, 15Amp (one)
Six, LGB Indoor analog (51070 5Amp)
One, LGB Outdoor analog (52120 5Amp)

Building of the original portion of the layout was completed in June 2002. Construction of the
layout extension started on August 2, 2004 and was completed 122 days later on the December
3, 2004.