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Garden Railroad Gallery

After the walls were in place 50 yards of soil was brought in and compacted to develop the subgrade. 40 yards of sifted top soil was added on top of the subgrade for the landscaping.

Lookout Lake has been installed. Lake went from start to finish in one day with the experienced crew from Landscapes to Behold.

Construction view across Lookout Lake and what will become Lakeville Narrows

View across Lookout Lake. Lookout Mountain is on the right hand side of the photo.

Surveying for the roadbed construction.

David Ross and Mike Pfulb working on Lookout Mountain

Dick Ericksen, Lloyd McCashen and Mike Pfulb work on roadbed and roadbed forms.

Tom Rey, Al Estabrook, Donna Hanson and another volunteer from the San Diego Garden Railway Society work on the Gold Mountain area of the layout. The cut to Desert Portal Tunnel is in place.

  • Effet du soleil
  • Eden
  • Snail on the Corn
  • Flowers
  • Alone Beach
  • Sunrise Trees
  • Waterfall
  • Death Valley