Meet Our Friendly & Professional Staff

Walter A. Andersen

Chairman Bio

For me, my first recollection of the nursery is late 1940s. I would ride to the Los Angeles area with my Dad to pick up plants that he could not find in the San Diego area. The truck seemed huge to me, but in today's world not so big. The larger growers up there did not offer delivery to San Diego, it was too far away. Those were long bumpy rides back then, I'm sure I slept a lot of those miles. The one I remember most is a 1949 Studebaker with a 12' bed. Sometimes my Mom would ride along, probably most. She had to keep an eye on me.

When I was probably about 13 or 14, my Dad gave me jobs' to do at the nursery. One that I remember well was bagging Oak Leaf Mold. We could only buy Leaf Mold in bulk and it was dumped in a huge pile at the nursery. We would bag it in burlap bags, each bag about 2 cu. ft. We did not measure; "just so the bag is full" , were my instructions. This was a really filthy job. The Leaf Mold was dry and very dusty, I would scoop up shovels full and put in the bag held open by a crude spring loaded affair with teeth holding the bag open. (It looked kind of mean) .When it was full, I would wrap twine around the end of the bag, and stack it close to the front of the nursery. My Dad taught me how to break the twine without a knife. Sometimes it worked sometimes not. That was a real dirty job.

When I was about 14 or 15 my Dad, gave me the job to package and pot water lilies in spring. He used to buy the surplus plants from the Balboa Park Lily Pond when they divided them in the early spring each year. The nursery also had some large ponds or tanks where we stocked them with fish and water plants for sale. These tanks were about 8' x 8' square and about 3' tall, made of cement concrete blocks, above ground. I think there were about six or seven of them. At the beginning of each spring before the lilies came in, one of my jobs was to clean the tanks. I would drain one really low and try to catch the fish in the 2" to 3" of water left at the bottom. I put them into the next pond. Then scoop out all of the black gook that accumulated over the previous spring and summer. The smell was kind of like a sewer smell, not very nice at all. What I do remember is after you are doing it for about an hour or so, you kind of get used to it. But it still was pretty bad. We would scrub the walls with bleach to get as much algae and stuff off as we could. I was a mess at the end of those days too. It took several days to clean all of the ponds. Maybe my Father was trying to tell me something. Not sure why I thought this would be a good place to work, but there were other jobs that were not so bad. I repotted many, many smaller plants into one gallon and five gallon sized containers. Back then we grew lots of plants to larger sizes in the back part of the nursery.

Out of high school I took some classes at San Diego Junior College (now City College) and some night courses at the new Mesa College. Some of the teachers at Mesa were nursery owners who also taught night school. Most of those classes were Plant I.D. and Plant Care. I started working full time in the nursery in 1960. Some of my first real jobs were buying some of the plants for the nursery from venders who would call. Later I was in charge of buying all of the fertilizers, potting mixes and chemicals. Most of those chemicals are now banned from retail sales, most just banned period. All in glass bottles too. Yes, some did break, today they would call out HAZ MAT, I'm sure.

I also became active in the California Association of Nurserymen' (now CANGC) and met many wonderful folks in the industry there. I have also held office in the San Diego Chapter and was a state board member for two terms. Some of those meeting were in the CAN Sacramento offices, to try to have programs that would benefit our local nurseries and growers.

I got married and kids were not far behind, two of them. First, Ken, then Karen. Jody, my wife, became interested in working at the family business and has held several different jobs at the nursery. She still goes in seven days a week to keep her eyes and ears on the day to day business. As my parents got older, they took more and more time off to travel to far off places with close friends and family. Even then, they were active in the store into their 80s just to keep an eye on things.

I now have many friends in this wonderful business, some I have known for 40 years and more. Some I don't see too often, others more frequently. Recently one of our sales reps was in Poway whom I had not seen in about two or three years, but she came in that day, because she missed her regular day. She has been selling us quality plants for at least 30 years. You never know who you will see tomorrow.

The nursery business is always changing. If it is not seasonal things, Christmas Trees, Poinsettias, it is Bare Root Roses and Fruit Trees. In spring it is a whole new ball game. Lots of new plants, varieties we have never heard of. Recent new plants are Kangaroo Paw's and Asclepia (Milk Weed). If you would have asked me about an Asclepia four years ago, I would have said, "what?" Recently we have been selling hundreds of them. Who knows what next year will bring? More beauty and fun, I suppose. Can't wait.



Jody Andersen manages the Business Office and works on operational issues storewide, she is based in the San Diego store. A native San Diegan, Jody began her career with the company when she married Walter Jr. in 1962 and worked at home and in the store while raising her two kids (who could often be found in the store as well) and while taking college courses at Grossmont College and National University. Jody works with POS, inventory control as well as all aspects of running the business office. While retirement maybe nearing, life without her remarkable co-workers and super customers in the San Diego store is hard to imagine.

Ken Andersen

President & CEO Bio

Ken Andersen is President and CEO for Walter Andersen Nursery. A third generation nurseryman Ken has followed in his father's and grandfather's footsteps since he was a small child. A graduate of University of San Diego High School and holding a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration Ken's responsibilities include overseeing strategic planning, preparing company-wide sales projections, providing customer service and responsibility for the store operations. Having started in an entry level position watering plants, Ken has learned all aspects of the business from entry level to upper management. He has worked full time for the family company since 1981. He holds California Certified Nurseryman Certificate #1851 which he earned when he was 18 after successfully completing a test administered by the California Association of Nurseries and Garden Centers.

Ken's personal interest in plants is very eclectic from unusual cactus and succulents to rare tropicals and orchids. Ken's favorite part of the world is the South Pacific having vacationed in Hawaii, Tahiti, Fiji, New Zealand, and Australia with a brief stop in Roratonga. Wherever he goes, from the deserts of Mexico's Baja peninsula to the lush green tropics of Bora Bora, Ken always investigates the plants growing there looking for the strange, unusual or just plain beautiful.

Ken has served as a past member of the Board of Directors of the Master Nurseryman's Association. He is currently President of the Board of Trustees of the Maritime Museum of Association of San Diego, Second Vice President of the Executives Association of San Diego, member of the Board of Directors and Operations Committee of the Better Business Bureau of San Diego and Imperial Counties, past member of the Marketing Committee of the San Diego Historical Society, and is an active member of San Diego Rotary Club #33.


V.P. Human Resources / CFO Bio

Karen is a native San Diegan and Granddaughter of company founders Walter and Byrdie Andersen. She is married with three children and her husband John works in the stores too. Karen is VP/Human Resources Director for the company and her office is in the San Diegostore. Karen graduated from National University with a business degree and worked in the travel industry before coming into the family business. Karen works with all issues of human resources and personnel and works closely on management issues in the San Diego store. As an owner she is responsible for seeing that the mission of the company is fulfilled and guiding the company to a competitive place in the marketplace and to an honorable position in the community. Karen oversees the company's involvement in community programs and charitable giving.


Director of Marketing Bio

An aversion to math and the willingness to try new things led Melanie Potter on a career path that she never would have chosen. After changing majors to avoid dreaded math related courses she stumbled upon a communications class. Working with words made sense, was enjoyable, and offered career opportunities.

Melanie's first job was as a reporter with a weekly newspaper. The paper had a small staff and no room for ego which meant that in addition to writing stories on deadline there was the need to handle duties in all other departments. That job led to working at three other newspapers, finally entering the management ranks at the Daily Transcript as its Personnel Director and advancing to Vice President of Operations before leaving for new challenges 16 years later.

Now the marketing director for Walter Andersen Nursery, she handles the marketing and advertising needs for the company, and publishes its quarterly newsletters.

Melanie is a member of San Diego Society for Human Resource Management, San Diego LEAD (Fall' 2000 graduate), Rotary Club of Poway, and is a board member for San Diego Employers Association.



Born in Aurora, IN, John migrated to California's warmer climes in 1986. Married to Karen Andersen with five children and three grandchildren, John is the pottery buyer and special projects manager for the Point Loma and Poway stores. John's early enterprises with his own businesses serve the company well. His previous endeavors in the construction industry are especially helpful on all carpentry tasks around the stores and especially on the custom Christmas tree stands he makes for both stores every year. In addition to ordering all glazed, clay and terra cotta pottery, John is a relentless scout for all things "container" and has sourced many of the lines brought into the stores recently. John maintains an office in the Point Loma store, but can be seen in the Poway store when shipments or transfers require his attention. John enjoys sports, gardening, darts and vintage cars. John collects cycads and rare plants.


Store Manager, Poway Bio

Chuck Carpenter is a familiar face at our Poway location having been with the company since 1998. He also has a dual role as dry goods manager and assistant store manager.

What may not be public knowledge is that he keeps one of the most organized and cleanest warehouses in our industry.

Chuck excels in his knowledge and salesmanship of chemicals and fertilizers. He acknowledges they can be very selective and tricky to sell so he makes an effort to stay current with trends.

An early interest in working with plants and soils propelled Chuck to a career as a nurseryman.

"The products are of the highest quality, and the service Walter Andersen Nursery gives is above and beyond what you will find at other competitors", he said.


Assistant Manager, San Diego Bio

A deep interest of plants and how they grow led Dale Kolaczkowski to the nursery industry. He has been an assistant manager with Walter Andersen Nursery in Pt. Loma since 1995.

Dale enjoys being part of a company that provides as quality customer service and attention to merchandise as Walter Andersen Nursery does. If you have questions about hibiscus or tropicals, Dale is the expert for you!


Senior Manager Bio

David Ross' passion for the garden started at a very young age, first grade in fact. For a class assignment about what he wanted to be when he grew up, David drew a picture of the family gardener mowing the lawn.

David has been with Walter Andersen Nursery since 1989. He offers regular classes at the nursery and speaks to groups about all aspects of horticulture.

It's hard to find something green that David cannot help flourish. He brings a rare blend of humor, enthusiasm and insight to his work. David is married and has twin daughters who are his helpers in the garden.

He loves answering gardening questions and you are always welcome to email him at



Denise Gantar is a native of La Mesa, CA, and is married with 2 daughters. She is the San Diego store's Supervising Cashier. Denise has been with the company for eleven years and works with all aspects of POS and computer processing. Along with her supervisory work, Denise also orders and maintains seasonal merchandise, bulbs, stocking, and store merchandising. In her down time, Denise likes a good game of billiards or darts and enjoys camping at the river or desert.


Buyer Bio

Born in San Diego, James is attending Alliant International University in pursuit of his bachelors degree in literature, after receiving his AA from Southwestern College. When it comes to dry goods, James is the go-to guy! From fertilizers to soils, James can find it. He orders all of our dry goods and can find rare items for you! James loves music and on his off-time James plays guitar in many local bands. Since James is fairly new to the company, he tries many new things and brings a new, electric, energy to the company. If you are ever in the San Diego store and want to talk about a hard to find item, look for James and he will have something interesting to say!



"Chuy" was born in Mexico and received his university degree in civil engineering from San Luis Potosi University. Married with two children, he came to the company fifteen years ago with amazing analytical and organizational skills, just about the time we were getting our company up and running on our first computer system. He was instrumental in classisfying and entering every plant and hard and dry good into the computer, creating sku's and numbers for every item in a cohesive and logical manner. He continues as the Inventory Control Specialist today, overseeing all things computer or inventory related. Chuy has extensive knowledge of dry goods and plant material and their relationship to POS and the computer system and he keeps infinitely clear and precise records. Because he is the keeper of the data base, he is often called upon to do research for others. Down time for Chuy consists of reading and sports. Chuy goals are continuing education in the inventory control field and staying abreast of the rapidly changing programs and information.



Kathleen was born at Navy Hospital San Diego and came to the nursery 10 years ago. Kathleen has completed college courses in Plant ID, Horticulture, Architecture, Pest Control, and the history of Economic Agriculture. Kathleen can most always be found in the Vegetable/Herb section of the Point Loma store, the department for which she orders and maintains the stock. Kathleen is a talented speaker and often draws 75 or more people to her Saturday morning classes. Kathleen has increased the herb selection in the San Diego store to include many medicinal herbs as well as the culinary herbs most commonly found. Ask Kathleen if you want something you can't find, she is remarkable in her abilities to locate the missing. On her own time, Kathleen is a crafter, she enjoys drawing and, of course, she is always gardening.


Assistant Manager, San Diego Bio

Linda Nunn is an Assistant Store Manager in the Point Loma store. She is married with one son and was born in Milwaukee, WI. She attended community college after which she acquired managerial skills at retail establishments throughout San Diego county before coming to Walter Andersen Nursery in 2003. Linda has completed The UC Davis Pest Management courses for her certification in this area. Linda's organizational skills lend themselves to her oversight at POS and she advocates for staff and customers. She collaborates with the Dry and Hardlines Buyer in the San Diego store to keep stocks relevant to current trends and up to date. Linda's hobbies include reading and her animals as well as advocating for the rights of the developmentally disabled. Linda's goals are to continue with the company, giving quality customer service and continue to learn and explore new areas in horticulture.


Purchasing Manager, San Diego Bio

Marco was born in Guerrero MX and started his career in the food industry, in the kitchen of a well-known San Diego landmark restaurant where he rose through the ranks quickly. He didn't like the hot kitchen or nighttime hours that kept him away from his wife and four children. Shifting gears in his early thirties, he came to the nursery in 1998 with great organizational skills, a volume of culinary information and amazing stamina. Marco was the outside foreman and then became proficient in ordering bedding, ground covers, shrubs and trees, vines and finally all green goods. His curiosity and interest about horticulture grew and in no time Marco began ordering and purchasing everything green for the nursery. He is Walter Andersen's go-to guy and they have many adventures together. When it comes to green things in the nursery, if you don't see it, don't give up, ask Marco; he is a plant locator extraordinaire! On his days off Marco enjoys youth and adult soccer. His goal is to continue improving his plant knowledge.


Store Director, San Diego Bio

Mark Mahady, a classmate of Ken Andersen and fellow alumni of University of San Diego High School is married and has three children. Mark is the Store Manager of the San Diego store. He has been with the company for twenty-five years. He has been a San Diego store manager for the last fifteen years. Mark holds infinite plant knowledge and dry goods expertise. He is a master plant locator and a whiz at finding just what you need. Mark has excellent interpersonal skills and is determined to make every visit to our store a great one. Mark is a sports enthusiast and can talk basketball, football, horseracing, and most any sport with the best of them, you can thank him for the TV in our store during football season! Mark coaches kids sports teams and enjoys working in his vast yard and garden.



Pat is a native San Diegan who has worked as the bookkeeper for the company for 26 years. She went to school in San Diego and apprenticed under Byrdie Andersen, one of the company co-founders. Pat oversees all aspects of the accounting and bookkeeping, interfaces with inventory control, and keeps the cash flowing. She keeps company with her two Chihuahuas and is an active member of a local boating club/



Patty was born in Duarte, CA and has been with the San Diego store for the last twelve years, rotating through the departments and learning each thoroughly. She is the consummate utility player. After three years in Mesa College Landscape and Design Plant ID courses, Patty has settled into the Azalea and Camellia Department as the head of that section, doubling up with the CA Natives and Drought Tolerant sections. Patty can ID bugs with the best of them and works in all areas of the store--she is the go-to for most any plant or bug question that comes through the door. Patty's goal is to educate her customers about plants and their care so they can have fun with them. Patty's parents instilled in her a sense of curiosity about plants and an interest in gardening that remains today.


Assistant Manager, San Diego Bio

Ruben was born in Cd. Juarez Chihuahua MX and grew up in Guadalajara Jalisco (Tequila City) MX. Ruben joined the Walter Andersen staff in 2003 and is our bi-lingual Assistant Store Manager. Ruben began as an outside helper and worked his way to assistant store manager very quickly, while he attended community college. Ruben works closely with the outside workers, teaching and guiding them and his area of expertise in plants is shrubs and grasses as well as becoming accomplished at plant propagation. Ruben is also a musician (all Recording Arts) and he collects rare plants. Ruben continuously improves his plant knowledge to provide better customer service.


Customer Service, Poway Bio

"Mr. Wet & Dry" does the buying for the Aquatics and Cactus & Succulent Departments. Tom also brings in everything for the Bonsai area. Carnivorous plants are another one of his specialties. He helped set up the carnivorous plant displays at the San Diego Zoo and the Botanical Building in Balboa Park.



We have a green parrot named Lily living in the Point loma store, or should I say ruling the roost in the Point Loma store. Lily is refined and somewhat dainty in her approach to life, she is more reticient but thoroughly enjoys soft-spoken attention. Lily is often greeted by customers who come in just to see her. She is active and well thanks to the mobile vet that sees her regularly.